5 Best YouTube Channels To Learn English

If you are tired of thick English textbooks, try opening YouTube and accessing one of the free online English learning channels below. Indeed you will find a lot of exciting things waiting, especially a whole new way of learning. Let’s find out what these 5 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English contain.

Why should we learn English through YouTube videos?

English is one of the most popular languages in the world and may also be the primary language you will use when studying abroad. Surely the first thing you must prepare before studying abroad is English, and one of the methods that can help you improve your English is YouTube.

There are many benefits when you learn English through videos on YouTube:

  • Diversifying learning resources with videos will help you feel less bored and more excited when learning English.
  • Learning English will be more flexible when you can pause/replay whenever you want.
  • There is a wide range of study programs tailored to your level and learning needs.
  • All of these shares are completely FREE. You can study as much as you want and learn whenever you want, as long as you have a device connected to the internet.

Some tips to help you learn English on YouTube

It’s not that just watching more videos will help you learn better. You need to choose a learning method that is effective and suitable for you. Here are some “suggestions” to help you learn English through YouTube effectively:

  • Choose the skill you want to develop (listening-speaking-reading-writing) and focus on watching videos around that skill
  • Don’t forget to check out the channel’s playlist – there will be separate topics for you to choose from
  • Create your own lesson playlists to build the learning path you want
  • Don’t forget to take notes — lessons always go hand-in-hand with their theory. Therefore, be ready to jot down what you find interesting so that you can recall it when you review.

5 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English for adults

1. English with Jennifer

With about 500 quality Videos released, English with Jennifer gives you the feeling of studying with a dedicated and friendly tutor. However, too many videos can be confusing when accessing this channel. You may need help knowing where to start learning.

You can choose 1 of 2 ways when learning English on this YouTube channel:

  • Learn Grammar – Vocabulary – Pronunciation: many videos on JenniferESL teach you to understand these elements.
  • Learn English by level: there are four lists corresponding to 4 different levels for learners (beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professionals).

2. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is considered the classic English learning YouTube channel for beginners. You can find various English lectures for people who are just beginning to understand. The channel covers many lessons, such as grammar, English communication, news, and vocabulary.

The most significant advantage of the BBC Learning English Channel is how it updates new videos continuously on weekdays for learners:

  • On Monday, BBC English Masterclass updates new videos, giving you a lot of helpful knowledge related to English.
  • On Tuesday, BBC News Review will teach you how to use language and vocabulary through international news.
  • On Wednesday, BBC English at Work offers work-related English topics such as communication, behavior, professional skills, soft skills, and interviews.
  • On Thursday, BBC Vocabulary will help you improve your vocabulary through exciting stories in English.

3. English Addict with Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan is a free English teacher and has had a YouTube channel since 2006. The content on Mr. Duncan’s Youtube channel focuses on the language used in life without going into grammar. Videos are posted regularly three days a week, easy to watch, learn, and completely free. Each video is presented in a very intimate and cute way.

On this YouTube channel, he also posts many lessons on topics such as senses, slang, news, fashion, money, etc. The video is simple and easy to understand, focusing on how to use communicative language instead of grammar.

4. British Council

The British Council is an organization dedicated to world education and culture. This is their official YouTube channel to teach English to foreigners. The videos on this channel are invested very carefully in content and images, often recreating situations in daily communication life.

In addition, lessons on English grammar are often illustrated with vivid images. They are easy to understand, even for those who have lost their roots. Therefore, you will rarely feel bored with dry grammar content.

5. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English uses only a vocabulary of 1500 most commonly used words.

The sentences in VOA Learning English are also relatively short, simple and do not contain idioms. The announcer says the news on VOA Learning English at a slow speed, which is very easy to listen to, making learners very interested.

At VOA, you will find lots of videos to learn English. It would help if you started with listening practice and pronunciation learning through many topics such as education, technology, health, or economics.

Above, are the five best YouTube channels to Learn English. Remember to review and apply this knowledge to real-life situations. For more exclusive content, create your free account now and join EDU Passport

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