6 Best Free Digital Note Taking Apps of 2023

People use digital note taking tools.

Taking notes is an essential thing in work and study. However, paper notes in the traditional way have certain disadvantages and cannot systematize information quickly. Digital note taking is more advantageous in many ways.

In this EDU Blog, we’re reviewing some digital note taking tools. These tools have features that promise to make your notes less tedious and more interesting.


What is a digital note taking apps?

Note taking software is a digital version of notebooks. Because they’re digital, they’ll do a lot more for you than just paper:

  1. The note taking software will store your notes in the cloud and sync with all other devices as long as we have the Internet.
  2. Note taking software has a search feature. You’ll find whatever you’re looking for, even old-fashioned notes, within seconds.
  3. An excellent note taking application will support taking screenshots of your computer screen and saving, uploading files, recording audio, and recording clips from the web.

6 Best Digital Note Taking Apps

1- Google Keep

A free note taking tool that helps you take notes about important things, Google Keep was developed by Google. Google Keep provides many tools to support users, such as quickly taking notes and planning or sharing content with colleagues, friends, and relatives. It is suitable for people who often use Google’s other utilities.

Google Keep is an digital note taking tool

Reasons why you should try Google Keep:

  • You can note down the tasks and create reminders for the things that have been set out.

  • You can share notes with family, friends, and colleagues.

  • The tool allows you to add collaborators and edit notes conveniently.

Google and syncs support it with many of the other Google products.

2- One Note

One Note is great for taking notes of meeting content and to-do lists at work because most companies always buy Microsoft copyrights for employees to use on laptops. From there, you can separate notes for work and personal life.

Microsoft One Note is an digital note taking tool

You can also share your notes with friends and colleagues. One note provides a variety of ways to create notes, from writing, hand-drawing, recording, or scanning images—to give you the best experience. 

This app has several benefits, such as: 

  • It is a cross-platform operation that syncs data across multiple devices.

  • It has a password security feature.

  • You can easily share your notes with friends and associates.

The tool allows diverse ways of taking notes: writing, hand-drawing, scanning images, and recording.

3- Notion

This tool is handy for learning, for example, book review notes and school lectures.

Notion Logo

Notion is recommended for many reasons:

  • It has a completely free version for individual users with outstanding features.

  • Notion allows users to create multiple pages. You can also make smaller pages for each page and choose different formats suitable for the job, such as text, table, timeline, or to-do list.

  • You need one account, and all data will be synchronized quickly.

The tool allows users to share their documents with others and supports suggestions and discussions for many users.

4- Evernote

Evernote is an app for taking notes, organizing, managing tasks, and archiving.

 You can record anything in many formats, such as text, images, and videos, for easy management and tracking. Evernote solves the problems of filtering and storing information in an optimal and proactive way to help optimize information search and manage important information sources. This platform is suitable for professional purposes.  

Some competitive advantages of Evernote are:

  • You can take notes in many formats, such as text, images, or videos.

  • You can create notes, make lists, or highlight tasks.

  • Furthermore, you can make or save videos from the web.

  • It allows you to exchange, discuss for work and, review messages, discuss easily

It syncs everything automatically on any device, like a phone or tablet.

Evernote Logo

5- Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook has suitable functionality for small and medium to large enterprises. The platform is also cost-effective. It is an excellent tool for your professional life.

Zoho Notebook is an digital note taking tool

 You’ll be more productive with this beautiful, simple note-taking app. Zoho Notebook allows you to take notes of anything you want with various formats, such as text, images, or videos, for easy management and tracking. 

Some benefits of Zoho notebook are: 

  • You can attach Microsoft documents, PDFs, and other files.

  • The tool syncs with the cloud, and your devices are always backed up and up to date.

  • You can quickly jot down, list, take notes, sketch, and capture what you need.

  • Zoho can record meetings, lectures, and conversations with a dedicated Sound Card.

Have you tried digital note-taking yet? If not, try it out and then share what you think!

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