Virtual Escape Rooms: A Unique Classroom Activity

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Imagine you and your friends being confined in a digital escape room with your friends. All of you must solve riddles and puzzles to escape the room from the comfort of your home. That is how digital escape rooms work.

All you’d need to get started is a computer or mobile phone. You can then play alone or with your friends to see who can leave the room quickly.

Starting the breakout games will present brain-teasers that test your analytical and problem-solving abilities. Playing in these escape rooms is an incredibly fun way to teach and grow.

How do virtual escape rooms work?

Virtual reality escape rooms are online games that mimic the experience of being locked within an actual escape room. In these games, players must solve puzzles and riddles to advance and eventually “escape” from the virtual reality setting

Virtual escape rooms, as opposed to actual escape rooms, allow users to participate totally online without physically being present.

These rooms are accessible from anywhere worldwide and typically only require an internet-connected gadget like a computer or tablet.

Groups collaborate in rooms, solving clues and puzzles, and overcoming challenges to escape before time expires 

The virtual environment often includes realistic graphics and sound effects, immersing participants in the scenario and enhance the experience.

These puzzles are perfect for team-building or social events, as individuals, small groups, or large teams can all enjoy them.

Virtual escape rooms provide an entertaining and interactive approach to learning diverse topics, including science and history.

There are several different styles of virtual escape rooms, each with unique features. 

Some examples include Google Forms escape rooms, live avatar small escape rooms, downloadable online escape rooms, and audio escape games.

How to create a virtual escape room?

Creating a virtual reality escape room for your students to enjoy may be challenging. Still, it’s actually relatively simple because they are made virtually.

Following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a fantastic escape room experience.

10 Steps to Create Effective Virtual Escape Rooms

1- Choose a theme for your virtual escape room first. A science or math escape room is suggested because it combines both numbers and mathematical processes.

2- Once you’ve decided on a topic, create a Google form. 

3- Create a captivating title to make students feel challenged before starting the task.

4- Next, you’ll want to add a header image that sets the tone and engages your students with the topic. You can also play around with the color of your form and the font to make it even more appealing.

5- Now it’s time to write your first clue!

6- Make sure to choose the “short answer” response type, so your students can type in their answers.

7- Add response validation to ensure that they’re on the right track. If they get the answer wrong, add a “try again” response for them to know they messed up.

8- Include sections and validated questions, and add a “continue to next section” button after each clue.

9- Create the final question that unlocks the escape room after adding all the clues.

This should incorporate aspects of all the previous clues, so they’ll need to use everything they’ve learned to escape.

10- Lastly, add a winning picture to the final section to celebrate your student’s success. You can also add a congratulatory message to get them in the spirit.

So that’s how you make your very own virtual escape room.

Test the escape room before sharing with students, and unleash your creativity in selecting themes.

How are virtual escape rooms fun?

Virtual escape rooms offer benefits and are worth trying for fun and engaging time with friends, family, or colleagues.

Firstly, virtual escape rooms are incredibly convenient.

Virtual escape rooms offer the convenience of playing from home, unlike traditional ones that require physical presence. This makes them accessible to people worldwide, regardless of their location. 

In addition, virtual escape rooms are entirely safe, making them a fun substitute for going out.

Along with that, virtual escape rooms are also educational. Many virtual escape rooms have been designed specifically for teaching, providing an engaging and interactive learning method.

 Educational virtual escape rooms engage students with the content, making it a super fun way to review and reinforce concepts. 

Virtual escape rooms are also cost-effective compared to traditional ones. You can build your own, which would be just as good as a real one. 

Virtual escape rooms offer benefits without the expense of a physical location, making it accessible to everyone.

7 Best Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Games

Virtual escape rooms, along with being a sure form of entertainment, also foster teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Break-out games certainly lead to some serious creative fun and adventure.

Here are seven virtual escape room game themes you can use to create a fun-filled escape environment. These themes are perfect to create an escape room for 10 players.

1) Bank Heist

Players take on the roles of a team of thieves trying to pull off the perfect bank heist.

They need to decipher security systems, crack safes, and make strategic decisions to evade the police.

2) Time Travel Adventure

Players are tasked with solving puzzles that take them through different time periods. They must collect historical clues and artifacts to return to the present ultimately.

Each era presents unique challenges and puzzles.

3) Wizard's Academy

In a magical world, players enroll in a prestigious wizardry school. To graduate, they must solve magical puzzles, brew potions, and pass other mystical tests.

This escape room can incorporate a variety of fantasy elements.

4) Space Station Mystery

Set on a futuristic space station, players must work together to repair the station’s systems and unravel the mystery of what caused the malfunction.

Gravity, oxygen levels, and technology failures can all be part of the challenge.

5) Mystery on a Cruise Ship

Set aboard a luxury cruise liner, players must investigate a series of mysterious events, including thefts and disappearances.

The game involves exploring the ship’s various areas and interacting with colorful characters.

The following two themes can help you create escape rooms for 15 players.

6) Haunted Mansion Escape

A classic horror-themed escape room.

Players find themselves trapped in a haunted mansion and must solve paranormal puzzles to escape while uncovering the mansion’s dark history.

7) Lost in a Jungle

Stranded in a dense jungle, players must navigate through the wilderness using only their wits and available resources.

They must solve puzzles to find their way back to civilization before time runs out.


A virtual escape room is a great choice for an enjoyable team-building activity. It offers several advantages, like being educational, affordable, and reachable anywhere in the world.

Playing a virtual escape game with friends, family, or coworkers is practical, secure, and entertaining.

Virtual escape rooms offer a fun and exciting way for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn, collaborate, and have fun. To get more exciting content and news, join our community by signing up today at EDU Passport.

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