Teaching Abroad: Thailand

Have you considered teaching in Thailand? Where you can experience everything from spicy street food to friendly locals and, a diverse landscape that will take your breath away (not just from the heat).

Whether you’re looking to teach in a physical classroom or want to take the virtual route, you’ll find everything you need to know in this EDU Blog. So, get ready to make the big move and teach English in Thailand!

Why is Thailand such a hot spot for teaching English?

Thailand is the land of endless beaches and delicious street food. You can choose to teach in a big city like Bangkok, where you’ll never run out of things to do. You can also work in a small school in the rural areas, where you can soak up the tranquility.

In Thailand, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Buddhism culture and practices, while enjoying traditional Thai cuisine with aromatic spices.

When you’re not busy meditating or stuffing your face, you can explore the vibrant visual arts, dance and music scene that will make you wish you could bottle up all the colors of Thailand and take them home with you.

Let’s not forget about the warm locals, who are always ready to flash a big smile and show you around.

Can I teach English in Thailand without a degree?

If your goal is to get paid while teaching English in Thailand, it’s important to know that a bachelor’s degree is required by many schools and language institutes in the country. Wondering what to do if you don’t have a fancy degree? Don’t panic, you can still find a job, it just might take a bit more effort and creativity.

You’ll likely have to look for gigs at private schools or language institutes where having a degree isn’t a dealbreaker. If your dream is teaching at a formal school, you might have to let that dream go, since those types of schools are not able to sponsor work visas for educators without a degree.

However, there are plenty of online ESL companies that don’t require a degree, and you could even start your own online teaching business. While it’s not a requirement, if you can show that you’re a flexible person who adapts easily to other cultures, it’ll definitely give you an edge.

It’s also worth mentioning that a master’s degree will be required to teach at the university level in Thailand.

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How much can I earn teaching English in Thailand?

The average salary for teaching English in Thailand is between $900 to $1,600 USD per month, which is pretty sweet.

The cost of living in Thailand ranges between $600 to $1,600 USD per month, depending on the location and lifestyle. However, your school will also be your fairy godmother and help you with visas, work permits, airport pickups and orientations. They may even provide you with a place to live, or at least a stipend for housing along with other perks, like paid vacation, language classes, and end-of-contract bonuses.

However, here’s the cherry on top, if you decide to teach English online while living in Thailand, you might even save some money!

Where can I apply for English teaching jobs in Thailand?

Get yourself TEFL certified and don’t worry about timing, teaching positions in Thailand are available year-round, so you can apply whenever you’re ready.

When it comes to teaching in Thailand, it’s important to know that the norm is a one-year contract. There are also schools and language centers that offer 6-month contracts.

If you’re working at a public or private school, expect to work a full-time schedule, just like back home. You’ll likely be teaching at K-12 public or private schools, helping the next generation improve their English skills. But, if that’s not your scene, you can also find positions at language institutes, where you’ll be teaching English to adults.  

If you’re working at a language institute, you’ll be working part-time, 25–35 hours per week with hours in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings to accommodate students who take classes before and after work or school. You can even find positions teaching at universities, where you’ll be surrounded by the brightest minds of the next generation.

Teaching English in Thailand is the perfect opportunity for you to level up your personal growth and bank account. So pack your bags and book your tickets to have the time of your life while teaching in the Land of Smiles.

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