7 Ways To Stand Out Of The Crowd In An Online Class

Online learning brings learners flexibility and a wide selection of programs. Because of these benefits, it is now used widely in all walks of life, even including higher education.

Online classes are different from physical classes in many ways. Unlike in-person classes, there is less opportunity to ask questions or take part in discussions. This means it can be difficult to stand out in a virtual classroom.  

However, with a few simple tips, you can make sure you stand out from the crowd in your online classes.

How to stand out from the crowd in an online class

Standing out above the crowd often requires a different approach than traditional classes. The lack of physical interaction can make it difficult to connect with the classmates and the instructor. However, by taking an active approach to your learning and making full use of technology, you can stand out from the crowd in your online class.

7 ways to stand out of the crowd in an online class

1.  Be  Timely 

First rule, always be punctual. When you attend an online class, make sure you log in on time so that you don’t miss any important information.

Also, try to complete assignments before the deadline. Read the class syllabus — this includes the outline of the course and will help you get a sense of when assignments are due and how to turn them in. Consider setting reminder notification on your phone or calendar several days in advance to make sure you have time to complete them.

This will show your educators that you are responsible and taking your studies seriously. By being timely, you will not only be successful in your online classes, but you will also grow good habits that will benefit you in your future endeavors.

2. Turn on your camera  

Even if your professor doesn’t require the class to turn on the camera, try to keep it on whenever you can. Turning on your camera during online classes is crucial for successful learning. Your educator needs to see you to engage with you and provide instruction. Also, turning on your camera shows that you are paying attention and ready to engage with others. 

However, remember that your professor can see you. So try not to scowl, roll your eyes or look distracted. It’s okay to move around a little, like stretch or refill your coffee cup, but don’t get up and walk away or start using your phone. It’s important to look interested by nodding your head and giving thumbs-ups, even if you’re not “on” all the time.

3. Be Interactive in class  

An online class is normally designed with questions, polls, separate room discussions to improve the interactions. You can easily build connection with your professor by responding to the questions and finish the poll quickly. Group projects are an essential aspect of many online classes. By taking an active role in the project and being a good team player, you can show leadership skills and stand out from the crowd.

4. Ask questions   

It is not embarrassing at all to ask questions in class. In fact, the answer might help your classmates.  On the other hand, your question may inspire other students to ask questions that perhaps lead to meaningful discussions. It will finally help your professor know the doubts or interests of the class and then adapt teaching accordingly.   

Ask questions, seek clarifications, and show your interest in the class. But remember, always go to a class prepared so that you won’t ask questions that make you look bad.

5. Take advantage of technology   

Many online classes use video conferencing software for virtual class meetings. Use this opportunity to connect with the instructor and classmates in a more personal way. For example, you can use the chat box to ask questions or leave comments, and react to the lecture by using emoji icons when your professor looks for response. Participating in real-time is an effective method of showing that you are attentive in class.

6. Be respectful  

Some professors like students to unmute to stay responsive. Follow the rules and make sure you are in a quiet place without too much background noise. It’s okay to disagree with someone’s opinion, but do it politely. 

When you are chatting online, be careful of your tone as it can be misunderstood. Remember that even though you are in a virtual classroom, you should behave like you are in a real classroom. Don’t use strong language and avoid saying anything that you wouldn’t say in a physical classroom.

 7. Show your personality  

Be yourself, engage with your classmates, and let them get to know you. you can introduce yourself, share useful tips in online group discussions. Ask thoughtful questions, and being a good listener when others are talking. Sometimes technical issues may happen, be patient and offer help if you can. Showing a bit of personality will help you stand out from the crowd easily in an online class

In summary, don’t let online classes hold you back from shining bright ! By using these simple yet effective tips, you can become the superstar of your virtual classroom in no time. Trust in yourself, the effort you put into being an active participant in class will go a long way in setting yourself up for success in the future.

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