Educator Recruitment Tips: How to attract top educators to your school

Educator recruitment is important for your school. Educators are the ones who shape the minds and hearts of your students. They also influence the reputation and culture of your school. But it can be hard to find them when many schools want the same people.

In this EDU Blog, we will give you some ideas on how to make your school more attractive to top educators. You can use these tips for any staff role, such as tutors, principals, counselors, or others.

Why Is Educator Recruitment Important?

Educator recruitment is the process of attracting, selecting and hiring qualified educators for schools and educational institutions. Educator recruitment is important for several reasons.

  1. One benefit is that students can learn from high-quality educators who can meet their different needs and goals.

  2. A positive environment in schools can also help educators work together, learn new things and be more creative.

  3. Another advantage of this approach is that it allows schools to retain and nurture skilled educators who can support student achievement and school improvement.

Educator recruitment is a key strategy to make sure all students have equal and excellent education. Ready to attract top educators to your school? Sign up for EDU Passport today and unlock a world of education tips and hacks!

What Are the Challenges of Educator Recruitment?

Some of the challenges of educator recruitment include:

  • Specialized subjects, like math, science, special education, and bilingual education, do not have enough educators.

  • Some places have more educators than students, while others have more students than educators. This is especially true for rural and urban areas. This is called an educator supply and demand imbalance.

  • Many educators resign, leave or retire from their jobs, especially in schools where students do poorly and have low income.

  • Educators do not reflect the diversity of their students. Many educators have different races, ethnicities, genders, and cultures than the people they teach. Teaching is a low-prestige and low-compensation profession. While there are other careers that require comparable levels of education and skills, and offer higher remuneration and recognition. 

Educator Recruitment Tips for Educational Institutions

Tip #1: Define Your School’s Vision and Mission

Your school’s vision and mission are important to attract top educators. Because they show what your school stands for and what makes it unique. You need to answer these questions to find out your mission and vision: What are your goals and values as a school? What is your unique selling proposition? How do you differ from other schools?

It is important to communicate your vision and mission clearly on your website, social media, brochures, job postings, and other materials. They should also be visible in your school culture and climate. As a result, you will attract educators who share your passion and purpose, and who meet your expectations and standards.

Tip #2: Showcase Your School’s Achievements and Strengths

To attract top educators, you need to show them why your school is great. Here are some questions to help you write about your school’s achievements and strengths:

  • What awards or recognitions has your school received?

  • Which special programs or projects does your school offer or participate in?

  • What positive feedback or testimonials has your school gotten from students, parents, staff, or community members?

Writing about these topics will help you show your school’s credibility and reputation as a high-performing and innovative school. It will also help you highlight the opportunities and benefits that your school gives to educators, such as professional development, recognition, collaboration, autonomy, resources, etc.

Tip #3: Build Relationships With Potential Candidates

To get the best educators, you need to reach out to them first. Don’t wait for them to find you or apply for your job. Use different ways and platforms to talk to them and show your interest, such as:

  • Networking events: Attend or host networking events where you can meet and mingle with educators who are looking for new opportunities or who are interested in learning more about your school.

  • Social media: Follow or join relevant groups or hashtags on social media platforms where you can share your school’s updates, stories, or vacancies, and engage with potential candidates who comment or like your posts.

  • Referrals: Ask your current staff, students, parents, or partners to refer to qualified educators who might be interested in working at your school. You can also offer incentives or rewards for successful referrals.

  • Alumni: Reach out to former staff or students who have left your school for various reasons, and invite them to reconnect or reapply. You can also ask them to spread the word about your school to their networks.

  • Job fairs: Participate in job fairs or career expos where you can showcase your school’s brand and culture, and meet face-to-face with prospective candidates.

By building relationships with potential candidates, you will create a positive impression of your school. You can also increase candidates’ interest and trust in working with you.

Tip #4: Streamline Your Hiring Process

To attract top educators, you need a smooth hiring process. This means making it easy and convenient for candidates to apply for your vacancies, and giving them clear and timely feedback. Here are some tools and strategies to streamline your hiring process:

  • Online application: Let candidates submit their resumes, cover letters, portfolios, references, etc., online in a simple and secure way.

  • Video interviews: Use video interviews to screen candidates’ skills, personality, fit, etc., without asking them to travel or take time off.

  • Assessment centers: Use assessment centers to see how candidates perform in tasks, scenarios, or simulations related to the role they want.

  • Feedback surveys: Use feedback surveys to get and analyze candidates’ feedback on your hiring process, and find areas to improve.

By streamlining your hiring process, you will reduce the time and cost of hiring. You can also improve the quality and diversity of your talent pool.

Tip #5: Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

To attract top educators, you need to pay them well and give them good benefits. This means::

  • Paying them fairly and generously, based on what other schools or organizations pay and what they want.

  • Talking to them about their salary needs and wants, and finding a win-win solution.

  • Giving them choices for how, when, and where they get paid.

  • Rewarding them with non-money things for doing a great job or showing potential, such as compliments, feedback, certificates, trophies, etc.

By offering competitive compensation and benefits, you will increase your chances of attracting and retaining top educators who value their work and contribution.


Hiring the best educators is good for everyone. So don’t be afraid to spend time and money on finding and hiring great educators. Because you will get a lot of value from having a skilled and passionate team of educators at your school.

Finally, if you are interested in more education tips and hacks, sign up for EDU Passport today!

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