2023’s Top 5 Special Education Software

Discover the 2023s top 5 best special education software and features

Do you know there is educational software for students with disabilities? Yes, you read it right. There are many special needs software in the education industry.

This EDU Blog will reveal the top 5 software for disabled students in 2023.

By design, the special education solution software makes schooling more accessible. Now, students with disabilities can thrive and compete with their peers academically.  Read on, as we explore these excellent software solutions to help your students achieve their academic goals.  

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What is Special Education Software?

“Special Education Software” also known as special ed software means a collection of computer programs and other digital tools. There are many special education software companies that are working on generating tools according to the needs of special children.

Special Education Softwares have a specific goal: providing help and improving the educational experience of children with disabilities or other special needs.

Moreover, this software aims to provide individualized learning experiences and personalized accommodation. These software solutions also try to make it easier for students with disabilities to learn by providing special features that fit their unique needs and learning styles.

If you want to learn more about identifying and supporting special education needs? Check out our blog on What are Special Education Needs?

Key Features of Special Education Software Programs

  • Tracking student development and assessing abilities: They provide assessments to determine students’ abilities and track their development.
  • Management of Individualized Education Plans (IEP): These tools help educators develop, manage, and maintain Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). IEPs are individualized plans that detail the educational objectives and support services for each student with a disability.
  • Personalized learning: Students can learn at their own pace and concentrate on subjects they need the most help with special education software. This software also includes adaptive learning paths, creating a type of learning referred to as personalized learning.
  • Accessibility features: Some special needs software include accessibility features like text-to-speech, screen readers, captioning, and other assistive technology. These combined features make information more accessible to students with visual, auditory, or movement impairments.
  • Communication and collaboration: Specific software makes it easier for children, parents, and educators to communicate with one another. It ensures everyone is on the same page about a student’s development and requirements.

What is Special Education IEP Software

Individualized Education Program (IEP) software, commonly known as IEP software, is very important in the field of special education. This specialized software, often known as special education IEP software or IEP management software, is intended to simplify and improve the handling of individualized education plans for children with special needs.

These IEP software programs provide a comprehensive set of tools and features to help educators, parents, and administrators collaborate more effectively, ensuring that each student’s individual learning needs are fulfilled efficiently. IEP software has become a crucial tool for educators and educational institutions, making it easier to develop, track, and modify individualized education plans to maximize student success.

Top 5 Best Special Education Software

1. Proloquo2Go

Proloque2Go is one of the best special education software

This powerful and innovative software is for children with speech and communication difficulties. It was designed for them. Educators can use this as an AAC (Alternative and Augmented Communication) tool to help people who struggle to speak. It also one of the most preferred and best special education software.

This special need software helps students who don’t talk much or don’t talk at all.  With Proloquo2Go, students can talk by choosing icons or pictures on the computer.

These are then turned into words or phrases that can be spoken. The software has a modifiable vocabulary with thousands of symbols and pre-programmed phrases. This allows students to make sentences that make sense and talk to other people in different environments.


  • The monthly and yearly price for Proloquo2Go is $9.99 and $99.99 respectively.

2. SpedTrack

SpedTrack is one of the best special education software

SpedTrack is a powerful software for special education.  It makes it simpler and more efficient to handle Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and other parts of special education services.

SpedTrack’s easy-to-use interface and simple design are two of its best features. This means that people with different levels of technical knowledge can use it. This ensures educators can learn how to use the software fast and spend more time helping students with disabilities.

SpedTrack makes the IEP process more accessible, from the initial exam to tracking progress and yearly reviews. IEPs are easy for educators to create, change, and handle. They can set academic goals, accommodation, and other services. The software also tracks students’ success, so you can check their growth and change their learning plans as needed.

Another important benefit is SpedTrack’s ability to make special education paperwork easier and more centralized. Educators can store all critical information, such as assessments, contact logs, and behavior reports, in one place.

This approach makes working together easier for educators, therapists, parents, and managers. Finally, it allows students with disabilities to have a support system that works well together.


  • Get in touch with the vendor to request a price estimate.

3. SameGoal

Samegoal is one of the best special education software

SameGoal is software for special education that makes it easier and better to manage Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and other educational work.

It is an easy-to-use and helpful tool that helps administrators, educators, and support staff work together to help students with disabilities.

One of SameGoal’s best benefits is that it can put all IEP-related information in one place, making it easy for relevant people to find. This includes academic goals, progress tracking, special needs, and other important information.

Educators can make, manage, and update IEPs by having all this information in one place.

SameGoal also has tools for managing compliance and making reports needed by state and federal laws. It also reduces the risk of problems linked to compliance.

Also, the software has a full evaluation module that makes it easy for educators to conduct, grade, and analyze assessments. This makes it easier to watch a student’s progress over time and make choices according to data to improve their learning.


  • Get in touch with the vendor to request a price estimate.

4. LiveScribe

LiveScribe is one the best special education platform

LiveScribe is a helpful technology to help students with different learning needs. This smart pen system lets students combine written notes with synchronized audio files. This makes learning more powerful and easy to do.

LiveScribe is a special digital pen that records what a student writes or draws on special paper. It also records the audio of the lesson or conversation while you are taking notes.

It can help students with different ways of learning and interests. The recorded audio is a great way for auditory learners to review ideas and improve understanding. Visual learners can learn from seeing their notes and drawings while hearing the accompanying explanations or conversations.

The LiveScribe smart pen has many tools that make taking notes even better. Students can use the pen to point out important parts of the text, take photos, and use custom tags to organize their notes. These features encourage students to take part in talks and class discussions.

When students finish taking notes, they can immediately tap on particular writing sections to hear the matching audio recording. This feature is beneficial during the review process because it lets students go over complex topics again or ask questions they might have had during the lesson.


  • The echo 2 smart-pen price is $ 119.95  (its a sale price as per website) and for echo 2 bundle promo price is $134.95(its a sale price as per website).

5. iComm

iComm is one of the best special education software

iComm is an innovative app and special education software for iPhone, that helps children with disabilities learn language and communication skills. This specialized software uses words and pictures to make a visual communication system. It helps young children learn to talk.

The app is especially helpful for children with trouble finding the right words to say. Using a visual method, iComm gives these young learners the tools to discuss their needs, wants, and feelings. This helps them become more independent and less frustrated.

The interface of iComm is easy to use and intuitive, so children with different motor and cognitive skill levels can use it. The app shows pictures of familiar things, actions, feelings, and accompanying words or phrases.

When a child picks an image, the app says the word that goes with it, strengthening the link between the picture and its meaning. This combination of audio and video helps toddlers understand language ideas better and improves their ability to understand and use language.


  • For iPhone users it is free of cost. Also one can get full version upgrade in $6.99.

In General

In the 2023 education industry, there are many outstanding special education software programs to meet the unique needs of disabled students and adults with learning disabilities.

These are EDU Blog’s rated top five software alternatives: Proloquo2Go, SpedTrack, SameGoal,  LiveScribe, and iComm. As these are the best special education software for students, educators can choose among these software according to the particular need of a student.

These special education software offer innovative features to help and empower special students on their learning journey. To explore more content like this, sign up today at EDU Passport for more exciting content.

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