7 amazing educational podcasts  

Are you excited to start a journey of ongoing learning and enjoyment? If you are, then you should definitely explore educational podcasts. These special digital shows have changed how we gain knowledge. They provide interesting talks about many topics, from history and science to personal development and popular culture.

The wonderful thing is that you can listen to them while doing other things, like traveling, working out, or relaxing at home. To help you begin your adventure with educational podcasts, we’ve put together a list of seven amazing shows. These shows will surely grab your interest and make you want to learn more.

Why are podcasts an effective learning tool?

Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn because they’re easy to use and interesting. Let’s see why they work so well:

  • Easy to Get: Podcasts are simple to find on different platforms, so you can listen to them while you’re on the move – whether you’re going to work, exercising, or doing chores.

  • Doing More at Once: Podcasts let you do multiple things at the same time, so you can turn everyday tasks into learning moments.

  • Keeping You Interested: Podcasts use friendly conversations and stories, which keeps your attention and makes tricky topics easier to understand.

  • Hearing Different Ideas: Podcasts have many experts, giving you different ways of thinking and deep insights into lots of subjects.

  • Fitting Your Schedule: There are lots of types of podcasts and different lengths of episodes, so you can choose what suits you and your available time.

Top 7 educational podcasts for lifelong learners

1. TED Talks Daily: Quick and brilliant insights in just 10 minutes  

When you’re short on time, TED Talks Daily is here to help. This podcast shares short, impactful talks from the world’s smartest experts. In only about 10 minutes for each episode, you can learn about many different things and see the world in new ways.

2. Khan Academy: Learn while you’re on the move  

The Khan Academy podcast is like a learning friend you can take with you. It talks about many subjects, like math, science, history, and economics. Influencers who talk on the show explain things well, making even hard ideas easy to understand.

3. Ed’s Not Dead: Where education gets exciting  

For teachers and people who love education, “Ed’s Not Dead” is a treasure chest of useful information. Two experienced teachers run this show. They talk about the latest news and trends in education. You can also hear interesting interviews with experts who know a lot about teaching and learning.

4. The Education Exchange: Navigating education rules and ideas  

If you want to know more about how schools work and get education ideas, “The Education Exchange” is perfect. Great educational experts speak on this podcast. They discuss about important things in education and help you understand what’s happening in schools.

5. The Teacher Cast: Learning from real classroom stories  

“The Teacher Cast” is super helpful for educators and anyone interested in teaching. This podcast shares real stories from educators who work hard everyday. You can learn great teaching methods, ways to manage a classroom, and how educators handle challenges in schools today.

6. 99% Invisible: discovering hidden designs around us  

“99% Invisible” is all about cool designs you might not notice. The hosts tell stories about how things are made and why they look the way they do. Even if you didn’t notice before, you’ll see everyday things in a new and interesting way.

7. Revisionist History: Changing how we see the past  

Famous writer Malcolm Gladwell hosts “Revisionist History.” He talks about old events and people from history in a new way. It makes you think and sometimes surprises you. You’ll learn more about history and start to see it in a different light.

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How often should you tune In to podcasts?

How often you listen to podcasts depends on your schedule and what you want to learn. Here are some ways to consider:

  • Daily: If you have a short daily commute or enjoy daily walks, a daily podcast routine could fit well.

  • Weekly: Lots of podcasts have new shows every week. This makes it easy to set aside time to listen.

  • Binge or selective listening: Some people like to listen to many episodes in a row on the weekends. Others choose only the ones they’re really interested in.

In a world full of information, these educational podcasts are like interesting tools. They’re great because they mix learning with fun, which is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more. And guess what? You can easily listen to them as part of your daily routine. So, why wait? Start your learning adventure today by tuning in to these interesting podcasts.

Remember, learning is a lifelong journey. Stay curious, explore new topics with these postcards and our EDU Blogs, and keep feeding your thirst for knowledge.

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