Is Course Hero Worth It? Pros & Cons of it’s ‘AI Academy’

Are you curious about artificial intelligence (AI)? In that case, there’s a good chance you’ve come across AI Academy on Course Hero. This online platform offers “the most comprehensive AI education in the world.”

But is Course Hero worth it? What are the pros and cons of enrolling in its AI Academy? In this EDU Blog, we will answer these questions and help you decide if Course Hero is the right choice for you.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online platform that connects students and educators. It has over 60 million users and more than 60 million study resources covering various subjects and levels.

How does Course Hero work?

Course Hero allows users to upload and download study materials, such as course notes, flashcards, essays, quizzes, and exams.

Users can also ask and answer questions, join study groups, and find online tutors. To access Course Hero’s full content, users must pay a subscription fee or upload their own study materials to earn free unlocks.

Course Hero could be an excellent place to explore teaching and learning resources if you are an educator. The platform also offers career opportunities to become an online tutor and earn extra income.

AI Academy  

Course Hero’s AI Academy is a 4-week educational program designed to help educators understand and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in educational settings. It’s designed to be a friendly and collaborative place where educators can learn together.

The program focuses on creativity, thinking critically, solving problems constructively, and using AI in an ethical way in education. It’s a space where teachers can gain the skills they need to work with AI in teaching and learning.

Pros and cons of Course Hero for students and AI Academy learners

Now, let’s take a closer look at the good and not-so-good sides of using Course Hero, especially for students and those interested in AI education.

The good side (Pros)

1. Complete AI learning: The AI Academy offers a full AI education. This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about AI.

2. Lots of learning materials: Course Hero has a big library of learning materials. If you need extra help with your studies in different subjects, you can find a lot of useful stuff here.

3. Learning together: The AI Academy encourages people to learn together. If you are an educator or student interested in AI, this is a good place to meet others and share ideas.

4. Ethical AI: The program teaches you to use AI in a good and responsible way. This is important to use AI well in education and other areas.

5. Flexible learning: You can learn on Course Hero whenever you want because it’s online. It doesn’t matter where you are or when you can study.

6. Work opportunities: If you are a teacher, you can also become an online tutor and make extra money through Course Hero.

The not-so-good side (Cons)  

1. Costs money: To use everything on Course Hero, you have to pay. This might be a cost to consider.

2. Quality can vary: Since Course Hero has resources from many people, some materials may not be reliable. Some might be old or not correct, which can be confusing.

3. Honesty problems: Some students use Course Hero to cheat by finding answers to tests or assignments, which is not good for education.

4. Short program: The AI Academy is only 4 weeks long. You might need more time to learn a lot about AI.

5. Competition: Many people use Course Hero, so if you want to become a tutor, you might have a lot of competition.

In the end, whether Course Hero and the AI Academy are right for you depends on what you need and your situation.

It has a lot of helpful things but also has some problems, like the cost and the quality of materials. Before you decide to join the AI Academy or use Course Hero for your studies, think about these good and bad things and see if it fits your goals and what you can do.

Is Course Hero worth it?

Now, after understanding Course Hero’s advantages and disadvantages, you might wonder, “Is Course Hero worth it?” Let’s break it down:

For students  

If you’re a student, Course Hero can be a valuable resource. It offers a vast collection of study materials, which can be a lifesaver when you need extra help with your course work. The flexibility of online learning allows you to access these materials at your convenience, making it easier to balance your studies with other responsibilities.

However, it’s important to be aware of the potential downsides. The subscription cost may be a concern if you’re on a tight budget. Also, the quality of materials can vary, so you’ll need to exercise caution in selecting the most reliable resources. Lastly, remember that using Course Hero to cheat is not the right path to academic success and can have serious consequences.

For AI Academy learners  

Suppose you’re interested in AI and want to enroll in Course Hero’s AI Academy. In that case, there are some compelling reasons to consider it. The program offers a comprehensive education in artificial intelligence, focusing on ethical use and collaboration. It can be an excellent starting point for educators or anyone interested in AI.

However, the relatively short duration of the program (4 weeks) might need to provide a deeper understanding of AI for those seeking an in-depth education in the field. Additionally, competition may be high if you aim to become an online tutor through Course Hero.

Whether Course Hero is worth it depends on your specific needs and goals. It can be a valuable tool for students if used responsibly and supplemented with reliable resources.

For AI Academy learners, it offers a solid foundation in AI education. Still, it may require further learning to become an AI expert. As with any educational decision, carefully consider your circumstances and objectives before deciding if Course Hero is right for you.

What are some alternatives to Course Hero?

Course Hero isn’t the only online platform for studying and getting help. There are other options to explore:

  • Chegg  

Chegg is similar to Course Hero. It has millions of study materials like textbooks, solutions, expert answers, and videos. You can also get online tutoring and homework help for different subjects. But, Chegg charges differently; you pay per question or minute for tutoring, which might be more budget-friendly for some students.

  • Khan Academy  

Khan Academy is a free, nonprofit platform for learning. It has many videos and exercises on various subjects, like math, science, art, and more. You can track your progress with personalized learning paths. Khan Academy doesn’t offer tutoring or materials from other sources like Course Hero, but it’s excellent for self-paced learning.

  • Udemy  

Udemy is an online marketplace with courses on many topics, from AI to fitness. Instructors set their own prices, and you can buy individual courses or subscribe to Udemy Pro for access to selected ones. Udemy doesn’t have study materials or subject-specific tutoring like Course Hero, but it’s perfect for learning new skills or hobbies.

Explore these options to find what suits your needs and budget best.

In a nutshell

As we finish talking about Course Hero’s AI Academy, remember that its value differs for everyone. It depends on what you like, want to achieve, and your situation.

The final decision about whether Course Hero suits you or not is in your hands. We suggest you carefully consider these points before starting your AI learning journey.

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