Studying Abroad: Argentina

In Latin America, Argentina is one of the best choices for higher education.

With the majestic Andes mountains in the west and the vibrant, bustling city of Buenos Aires in the east, Argentina offers many study abroad opportunities. Enjoy your stay in the snow-covered mountains, with icons like the renowned Fitz Roy towering above the stunning lakes of Patagonia.

The country offers much more than just delightful pinot grigios and merlots. Among Argentina’s educational institutions, there are 40 public universities and 45 private ones.

It’s also an excellent destination for enhancing your language abilities, given that Spanish is the country’s official language.

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Why is Argentina such a hot spot for students?

Argentina offers an ideal opportunity for studying abroad.

An amazing landscape, a renowned art community, and a variety of cultures make it a desirable place to live. Also, let’s not forget their passionate football culture; they play like Messi and score like Maradona.

However, it’s important to note that all academic instruction in Argentina is conducted exclusively in Spanish. Enrollment in a course also requires proficiency in Spanish, as both classes and materials are in Spanish.

Argentina offers an excellent opportunity for American students to enhance their Spanish and cultural understanding through linguistic immersion.

What are the job prospects in Argentina?

There are lots of job opportunities in Argentina, including agriculture, tourism, art, and sciences. The country boasts a well-established expat community that’s easily accessible.

Argentina has faced significant economic challenges, but it’s now on the path to recovery. The country’s main sectors are agriculture, livestock and tourism. Recently, the service sector has become a dominant force in Argentina’s economy.

Teaching and education are highly demanded occupations in Argentina, especially positions related to ESL (English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

There’s a constant demand for native English speakers, and those with strong qualifications can secure better-paying teaching positions. So, if you’re an English teacher looking to make your mark in Argentina, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Is it easy to get a visa for Argentina?

A tourist visa for Argentina allows people from other countries to visit and explore Argentina for tourism purposes.

This visa is short-term and stays valid for 3 months. So, you can enjoy your time in Argentina for up to 3 months, but it’s crucial to leave the country before your visa expires.

Along with that, the Argentinian authorities globally mandate certain nationalities to obtain an ETA/AVE for tourism purposes. 

The Argentina ETA/AVE offers the convenience of multiple entries. To apply for this, travelers need to fill out an electronic form, providing personal and trip-related information.

Argentina is visa-free for visitors from New Zealand, South Africa, and many other Latin American countries. However, we highly recommend checking with your local consulate or embassy for the most current visa and passport requirements.

Where can I apply for English teaching jobs in Argentina?

With Buenos Aires boasting over 14 million residents, you’ll find a lot of ESL schools here. And when it comes to demand for English teachers, Córdoba is giving Buenos Aires a run for its pesos, proving that whether you’re in the bustling capital or the heart of Argentina, English is the language that’s truly appealing.

The real English teaching extravaganza seems to happen in the realm of Business English. Apparently, Argentine business professionals and executives are on a quest to out-English each other.

If you’re not keen on becoming the maestro of business jargon, fear not – there are plenty of opportunities in more touristy hotspots like Bariloche, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, and Salta. This means that teachers can find job opportunities throughout the year, from February to December.

There are two primary hiring seasons each year: the first occurs in February/March, and the second in July/August. Typical teaching contracts in Argentina last either six or 12 months. Knowing Argentina’s peak hiring seasons is crucial because, like many Latin American countries, landing a job there often requires an in-person interview.

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