5 Best online teaching platforms for educator development

Getting good online teaching platforms has never been more critical in today’s quickly changing educational world. More people worldwide are choosing to learn online. Educators are seeking solutions to enhance their teaching skills and adapt to the ever-changing online environment.

Yet, there are a lot of online teaching platforms because educators want to improve their skills and grow as professionals. Each one has its features and tools designed to meet educators’ needs.

This EDU Blog will discuss the five best online teaching platforms for professional growth for educators.

Difference Between Online Learning Platforms and Online Teaching Platforms

Online learning platforms are mainly sites where students and other people go to find a lot of different classes and educational materials. This helps them learn at their own pace and improve their desired skills.

Online teaching platforms, on the other hand, are made for educators and let them create, manage, and teach their courses. Features like live chat, assessments, and personalized feedback make it easier for instructors to connect with their students.

Online learning platforms are for people who want to learn. Moreover, online teaching platforms give teachers the tools to create and run their lessons.

Top 5 Free Online Teaching Platforms for Teacher Development

Here are the five best free online teaching platforms for teacher development.  These courses are good for the professional development of educators.  Read our blog on ”Providing Professional Development for Educators”.

1. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known online learning site that has a huge selection of courses on many topics, such as teacher development. There are a lot of paid courses on Udemy, but there are also a lot of free courses.

There are classes for educators that cover pedagogy, classroom management, using technology in the classroom, and more. There are often quizzes, tasks, and video lectures in these classes.

2. Coursera

Coursera is known for having classes from the best universities and colleges worldwide. Coursera gives you free access to course materials, but some classes do cost money. Instructors can look into classes on how to teach, how to make a program, and how to use technology in the classroom.

You might be able to “audit” some courses for free, meaning you can see the material without paying.

3. edX

edX is a website like Coursera that lets you take free online classes from many colleges and universities. There are classes offered to educators on pedagogy, education studies, and making lesson plans. edX, like Coursera, lets you “audit” classes for free, which gives you access to the course materials.

4. Udacity

Udacity focuses on tech-related courses and nanodegree programs, but it also has free classes on various topics. Udacity has useful material for educators who want to learn more about technology or improve their own tech skills. In these classes, kids often work on projects and improve their skills.

5. Teachable

Teachable is an active online platform for teaching that offers a wide range of classes created for educators from a variety of backgrounds. This platform has services for more than just classroom teachers. It also has services for adjunct professors and curriculum experts.

Instructors can keep a close eye on their student’s progress in school with the help of Teachable’s interactive features. This includes being able to keep a close eye on grades and tasks and create an interactive learning community that encourages both individual growth and group exploration.

Teachable provides educators with diverse assessment tools to enhance lesson engagement. This change is necessary to get students interested in the subject and get them excited about it.

Wrapping up

These platforms have courses and tools that are beneficial to educators who want to learn more and get better at what they do. But it’s essential to keep in mind that even though they offer free material, some of them may charge for certificates or extra features.

Make sure you look at what each platform offers and how it works to see which fits your career development goals best. Free course offerings can vary, so check back regularly for updates. 

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