Avoid International Teaching Scams & Find Your Dream Job  

Are you interested in an exciting and fulfilling career as an international educator? Beware of teaching scams when you look for such opportunities!

How International Teaching Scams Work

Teaching scams generally commence either via an email or a social media site’s message that requests applying to work as a teacher in a country of your own preference.

They pay you very well, plus they help with accommodation and flights and also give you visas.You are requested to email your CV together with a photocopy of your passport, and afterward, the answer is positive. You are hired!

But then the problems began. Besides such fees as a visa, work permit, health insurance, and criminal background check, you would have to pay to process your documents.

They assert that the fees will be repaid upon arrival at the destination or deducted from the first salary earned by a person.

The creditors force you to remit money early before the agreed date passes or the job is filled by another candidate. Moreover, they can also create fake contracts or invoices that will appear genuine.

They will not bother you if you pay those fees. There is no school, the telephone numbers do not work, and the funds cannot be traced. You have been scammed.

Tips on Evading International Teaching Scams

What should be done to prevent being defrauded by such scammers? Here are some tips:

1. Do your research  

Seek out reviews, feedback, and problems posted by other teachers who have been working in that school. Make searches for the school’s website, address, telephone number and email domain. It is a sign of danger if they do not tally with each other or even exist.

2. Be skeptical  

Beware of any work that provides you with huge money with minimal qualifications and work experience. Look out for any job that requires money before the interview or for details about you, even without checking your qualifications.

3. Use a trusted platform  

For instance, there is EDU Jobs, which come under EDU Passports services. EDU Jobs is a platform like Upwork but specialized only for the education industry. With this, it becomes easy to identify verified jobs for teaching worldwide, including scam avoidance.

4. Report scams  

Report all suspected cases of scams to the authorities and let other people know about what is going on. Google your local justice department and report the website immediately.

How EDU Jobs can help you find your dream teaching job?

Benefits of using EDU Jobs:

  • Simple processes; you can narrow down on location, subject, grade, job type, period, and pay.

  • Directly apply for posts on the platform.

  • Chat or make video calls with potential employers.

  • Participate in a group of educators who are like-minded, sharing experiences and ideas.

Find that perfect teaching position with EDU Jobs, where you benefit from being part of an inclusive and dynamic community.

Stay Safe While Applying for a Job

Protect yourself from scammers by ensuring that you are well-informed. Carry out extensive research on these offers, challenge any offers that appear to be scams, and rely on trusted job providers such as EDU Jobs.

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