Future of Education: Education 2.0 Conference

Have you checked out the Education 2.0 Conference? It’s making a comeback in 2024 with some groundbreaking insights into the education industry!

More than a typical conference, the Education 2.0 Conference is a gathering of game-changers in the field. Renowned educators, EdTech innovators, policymakers, and researchers are gathering to spotlight innovations shaping the future of education.

Exploring the Thrills: Education 2.0 Conference Highlights

Education 2.0 Conference is a three-day educational event, bringing together experts from all over the world.

Where will it be, you may ask: Dubai, UAE, in February 2024 and Las Vegas, USA, in March 2024. Its goal is to explore the latest trends and challenges in the education field through many different topics such as technology, creativity and collaboration.  

There will be inspiring keynote sessions, engaging discussions, interactive networking and recognition programs celebrating education pioneers throughout the conference.

Whose Joining?

  • Educators looking to update knowledge and staying informed in the field.

  • Policymakers who ready to leverage insights for educational reforms.

  • Researchers sharing their findings.

  • EdTech Startups showcasing innovations for impact.

  • Investors exploring promising EdTech solutions.

What's on the agenda?

The conference is going to dive in many exciting topics, from leadership development to the impact of AI in education. Here’s a glimpse of the exciting topics that will fuel the conversation:

  • Linking Leadership Development: Connecting leadership growth with real-world experiences and community engagement.

  • The future of Work & Skill Requirements: Predicting shifts in skill requirements and implications for the new generation.

  • EdTech Trends: A deep dive into the technologies shaping the future of education.

  • ChatGPT as a Teaching Assistant: Supporting educators in lesson planning and instruction.

  • Education & Social Mobility: Exploring how public financing can bridge the opportunity gap.

  • Mentorship & Role Models: Cultivating supportive networks to inspire girls in STEM.

          … and many more!

Meet Experts in the Field at Education 2.0 Conference!

Stacey Klinge  – CEO | EDU Passport

  • James P. Cummings – Founder & President | Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative

  • Professional Matthew Yip – President | Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

  • Sean K. Shahkarami – Founder & CEO | Breakthrough To Become Unconquerable

  • Louise Debreczeny, EdD – Owner & CEO: INSL LLC

You can find more details about these speakers on the Education Conference website.

EDU Passport: Innovating Education

Stacey Klinge, the CEO of EDU Passport, will be among the participants of the conference, introducing EDU Passport as a breakthrough in education.

EDU Passport is the leading online platform for the global education community. It links EDU-businesses to educators around the world, offering personalized, interactive and economical educational services.

With EDU Passport, you can look for the teaching opportunities abroad, network with industry experts, and access specialized services and deals. Not just that, you will also be able to access fresh ideas and tips by checking out our EDU Blogs and participating in interactive EDU  Events.

In a nutshell, you can easily imagine that EDU Passport is a door for development and cooperation in education.

Join Us at Education 2.0 Conference

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Come witness our perspective on education in the Education 2.0 Conference!

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