Maximize Your Summer Break: Essential Guide for Educators to Teach English Abroad

Are you an educator seeking a meaningful and exciting way to spend your summer break? Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad offers a perfect blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and professional development. This guide will walk you through the essential requirements, from obtaining a TEFL certificate to navigating visa needs, and highlight top countries for TEFL opportunities. Transform your summer break into an enriching global teaching experience and make the most of your time off.

Essential Requirements for Teaching English Abroad

Before you embark on your exciting journey to teach English abroad, there are some essential requirements you’ll need to meet. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your TEFL adventure.

Obtain a TEFL Certificate

The cornerstone of teaching English abroad is obtaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. This qualification is crucial for securing TEFL jobs. The TEFL Academy offers courses developed by professional, experienced teachers, ensuring they are reputable, accredited, and internationally recognized.

By enrolling in one of our courses, you’ll receive continuous support from our dedicated team of TEFL tutors, guiding you through every step of your journey.

Secure a Visa

Your visa requirements will vary depending on your destination, nationality, and passport. Most countries require a working visa to teach legally, though some allow entry on a tourist visa that can later be converted to a work permit. It’s essential to consult your local embassy to understand the specific visa requirements for your chosen destination.

Hold a Degree

Many countries require a Bachelor’s degree for a working visa. Generally, this degree can be in any field, not necessarily in English, Education, or Teaching. Whether your degree is in Psychology, IT, Accounting, or any other discipline, it can meet the visa requirements.

Prove English Fluency

While being a native English speaker is an advantage, it’s not always necessary. Non-native speakers can usually prove their proficiency with a C1 level or higher on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Alternatively, showing that your education was conducted in English can also be acceptable.

Top Destinations for Teaching English Abroad

Ready to choose your destination? Here are some of the best countries to teach English abroad, each offering unique experiences and opportunities.

China: Best for Job Opportunities

Experience the Great Wall and Vibrant Cities.

China offers abundant job opportunities, competitive salaries, and a unique cultural experience. Whether you prefer the bustling cities of Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, or a more traditional setting like Xi’an, Hangzhou, or Yangzhou, China has something for everyone

To teach in China, you need a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. Salaries range from ¥10,000 to ¥20,000 ($1,500 – $2,000) per month.

Japan: Best for Experienced Teachers

Discover the Blend of Tradition and Modernity.

Japan is a favorite among TEFL teachers due to its mix of traditional and modern culture, cherry blossoms, unique vending machines, and hot springs. Teaching in Japan offers generous benefits and salaries.

To teach in Japan, you need an Instructor’s visa or a Humanities Specialist/International Services visa, a Bachelor’s degree, and preferably a TEFL certificate. Expect to earn between ¥250,000 and ¥300,000 ($1,800 – $2,200) monthly, with potential to earn up to ¥600,000 ($4,500) at universities.

South Korea: Best for Ambitious Teachers

Enjoy High Salaries and Unique Holidays.

South Korea remains a popular TEFL destination due to its attractive salaries and high demand for teachers. To teach in South Korea, you need a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL qualification. Salaries range from ₩1.5 million to ₩4 million ($1,100 – $3,000) monthly.

Morocco: Best for Cultural Immersion

Embrace the Blend of Cultures.

Morocco’s demand for English teachers is rising due to its booming tourism industry. You can find teaching opportunities in universities, state schools, private language institutes, and corporations. 

To teach in Morocco, you need a Level 5 TEFL certificate. Expect to work 20-25 hours per week and earn between DH 4,000 and DH 10,000 ($400 – $950) monthly.

Vietnam: Best for New TEFL Teachers

A Backpacker’s Paradise.

Vietnam offers plentiful teaching jobs, good salaries, and a low cost of living, making it ideal for new TEFL teachers. The country’s laid-back vibe and large expat community provide a supportive environment.

Teachers in Vietnam earn between ₫23 million and ₫45 million ($1,000 – $2,000) monthly.

Thailand: Best for Laid-Back Teachers

Live in the Land of Smiles.

Thailand is known for its friendly people, beautiful landscapes, and easy lifestyle. With numerous TEFL jobs available, Thailand is perfect for those seeking a relaxed teaching environment.

To teach in Thailand, you need a degree and a TEFL certificate. Salaries range from ฿25,000 to ฿40,000 ($700 – $1,200) monthly.

Spain: Best for Sun Worshippers

Enjoy Sun, Sangrias, and Siestas.

Spain is a top destination for TEFL teachers, offering positions in language centers and summer camps. While a Bachelor’s degree is not required, a TEFL certificate is preferred. Non-EU citizens may face visa challenges but can explore government programs and language exchanges.

Salaries in Spain range from €1,000 to €3,000 ($1,100 – $3,300) monthly.

Taiwan: Best for Dedicated Teachers

Thrive in a Dynamic Environment.

Taiwan offers a unique living experience with competitive salaries and low living costs. TEFL teachers in Taiwan earn between NT$60,000 and NT$90,000 ($2,000 – $3,000) monthly. Many contracts include additional benefits like flights, housing, and healthcare.

United Arab Emirates: Best for Financial Savings

Enjoy Tax-Free Salaries and Modern Cities

The UAE offers generous tax-free salaries and a luxurious lifestyle, making it ideal for experienced teachers. To teach in the UAE, you need a Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate, and a few years of teaching experience. Salaries range from AED 9,000 to AED 18,000 ($2,400 – $5,000) monthly.

France: Best for Romantics

Embrace a Romantic Adventure.

France offers a rich cultural experience with stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and historical architecture. To teach in France, you need a Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate, and preferably an EU passport. Non-EU citizens can explore the Teaching Assistant Program (TAPIF) or au pair opportunities.

Salaries range from €800 to €2,000 ($790 – $2,000) monthly.

Costa Rica: Best for Low Cost of Living

Live the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

Costa Rica offers a vibrant lifestyle with opportunities for surfing, exploring volcanoes, and enjoying lush vegetation. TEFL teachers earn between ₡375,000 and ₡625,000 ($600 – $1,000) monthly. A TEFL certificate is required, but a degree is not necessary.

Teaching Online: Best for Flexibility

Teach from Anywhere in the World.

Online teaching offers immense flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere. Whether you choose to work for an online English company or teach private students, the demand for online English teachers is high. You can enjoy the freedom to teach students from different parts of the world while living in your dream destination.


Whether you’re teaching in the bustling streets of Beijing, the serene landscapes of Morocco, or the vibrant cities of Vietnam, each destination offers unique experiences and rewards. So, pack your bags, get your TEFL certificate, and get ready to transform your summer into an unforgettable global journey. The world is waiting, and your adventure is just a TEFL course away!

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