Ranking the Best Education Blogs: For Educators

In the wide world of the internet, educators are always looking for inspiration and resources to improve their teaching abilities. To help them find their way, educators often rely on the best education blogs.

These blogs are like hidden gems in the vast ocean of information.

Read on, in this EDU Blog, we review the best education blogs that can improve how you teach. Let’s get started!

What is an education blog?​

Education blogs are websites created to share essential information, helpful ideas, and valuable education resources.

These blogs cover various topics. They talk about teaching methods, classroom management, using technology in teaching, curriculum creation, and professional growth.

They serve as a central hub for educators, students, parents, and anyone interested in education. People can find expert insights, practical advice, and the latest developments in the world of learning on these blogs. Let’s look at the best education blogs for educators and students.

Best education blogs for educators

  • EDU Blog  

EDU Blog is a specialized blog for learners and educators. It is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking information on teaching positions abroad, education news, or classroom resources.

You can read new posts weekly on trending education topics like STEM, school leadership, and mental health. Plus, you can share your own thoughts and opinions. Sign up as a guest author and have your articles published on EDU Blog!

EDU Blog is part of EDU Passport, an all-in-one education hub. It connects you with other educators, learners, businesses, and vendors in the education sector.

  • Edutopia  

Edutopia is a website created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. It’s dedicated to transforming K-12 education through innovative and evidence-based practices.

Edutopia offers articles, videos, podcasts, and resources. They cover topics like project-based learning, social and emotional learning, personalized learning, and more.

You can also read up on inspiring stories of educators and schools making a difference in their communities.

  • The Hechinger Report  

The Hechinger Report is a nonprofit news organization. It focuses on inequality and innovation in education.

The Hechinger Report produces in-depth stories, analysis, and commentary. They cover issues like early childhood education, higher education, STEM education, special education, and more.

The site also collaborates with other media outlets to reach a broader audience and amplify diverse voices.

  • TeachThought  

TeachThought is a website that aims to help educators grow as professionals and learners. It offers articles, podcasts, webinars, and workshops. These include topics like critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, differentiation, assessment, and more.

The site also features guest posts from experts and practitioners in the field of education.

  • MindShift  

MindShift is a platform with blogs and podcasts. It explores the future of learning and how we can help students thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The site covers topics like neuroscience and psychology of learning, creativity, innovation, digital literacy, and media skills. It also spotlights innovative educators and schools adopting new teaching and learning methods.

  • Cult of Pedagogy  

Cult of Pedagogy is a platform that helps educators improve their skills and become better at what they do.

Cult of Pedagogy provides articles, videos, podcasts, books, and courses. These cover topics like classroom management, instructional strategies, cooperative learning, feedback, and more.

The site also includes interviews with experts and educators who share their insights and experiences.

  • The Learning Network  

The Learning Network is a website created by The New York Times that provides free educational resources based on the news.

The Learning Network offers articles, quizzes, crosswords, lesson plans, and contests. It covers topics such as current events, history, literature, science, and more. It also invites students to take part in writing prompts, student challenges, and comment sections.

  • WeAreTeachers  

WeAreTeachers is a website that celebrates and supports educators in their profession and passion. It offers articles, videos, infographics, printable, and giveaways.

WeAreTeachers has various topics on classroom ideas, educator humor, student engagement, and more. The platform also connects educators with each other through social media, forums, and events.

  • Teach Like a Champion  

Teach Like a Champion is a website that shares effective teaching techniques based on research and practice.

Teach Like a Champion offers articles, videos, books, and workshops. The site covers various fields such as classroom culture, behavior management, lesson planning, and more. It also features examples and case studies of educators and schools that use these techniques successfully.

In a Nutshell

As we wrap up our exploration of these outstanding best education blogs, remember that your role as an educator holds immense significance alongside the knowledge you acquire.

These blogs are more than information sources. They are sources of inspiration and a sense of belonging in a world where education’s importance cannot be emphasized enough.

With the insights gained from these top blogs, carry on your pursuit of excellence and let your passion drive the future of learning!

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